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Available from 17/9: Crochet Little Christmas sweaters

Yarn Porn- A good handjob 

On may 25 2019 we presenedt our new book: Yarn Porn - A good handjob. This sex knitbook is a collection of Club Geluk's Knit and crochet pornographie. Throughout the years we have made a lot of sexwork: knitted dicks, cunt coins, and embroidery with real cross stitches. For fun, for art, commissioned (for example for LINDA.magazine) and also out of protest against modern prudishness. We have collected all in a nice dirty magazine, including 7 patterns for your homemade hotness. 



Available from 17/9: Crochet Little Christmas sweaters

Looking for your secrets!

We are looking for your secret for a new art-craft-work. It doesn’t all have to be top secret, it can also be a thing you do tell your friends but won’t print on a t-shirt. So for example, it does not only have to be “I see dead people” (but if you do, please tell me), it can also be: “I have herpes”, “I like to eat mayonnaise on my pancake” or “I think gnomes are sexy”.

It is of course totally anonymous, so it can be your dirtiest secrets, even i won’t know it is yours. But also little secrets, sweet secrets, awkward secrets, vulnerable secrets and secrets that do not need to be a secret are welcome. From all the secrets, I choose the most fitting for the craftwork. It will be a sweet and tender artwork, so no jokes with your secrets. Maybe yours will be selected.

If you want to participate, please write down your secret on a note (max 60 letters) and send it without your name and address to Club Geluk, Hilversumstraat 32, 1024 JZ, Amsterdam, Holland. For now there is no deadline, please send whatever you want and when you want.

Thank you so much!

Already been

Workshop knit a little Christmas sweater or scraf at the Muiderslot on sunday december 23.


Little Ugly sweater party 

for LINDA. foundation at Wolplein on december 152018. Read more here.



Sundaymarket 16 december 



Workshop crocheting penisses and knitting vagina's for LINDA.festival. Make a tiny penis or vagina and wear it like a broche. 

Choose from 'fifty shades of brownish pink', and make every sort of genitals. 

The workshops are held ont both festivaldays on september 29 and 30. Buy your ticket here


13 September 2018

Kleine piemels breien en haken in Paradiso. Main stage, van 19.00 - 22.00 



Knit yourself a merry little Christmas sweater 

Knitting little Chritsmas sweaters 

This Christmas Club Geluk is making small knitted Christmas sweaters to decorate your Christmas tree. Put them on a tiny hanger, decorate your tree with the sweaters and move over Christmas baubles! Make them for your tree, as a gift, and knit them all year long; there will be a new Christmas party each year anyway. The book contains 24 designs and is bilingual, Dutch and English!

In cooperation with Uitgeverij Kosmos. Click here for the viewing copy.

In cooperation with Uitgeverij Kosmos. 
Click here for the viewing copy.


Knitting with Knitclub De Osdorperhof and De Die in Amsterdam for LINDA.foundation

 Videoclip Huiselijk haken met Club Geluk

We made a video clip to celebrate our crochet debut. We dansed our eighties ass of with our aerobics friends!

With lots of thanks to: Marous, Dominic, Astrid, Marielle, Tjits, Mariza, Arjen, Swannet, Gaid, Ester, Saskia, Marjolein and Aryati . Thank you for being our showballet for a day.  




Silent disco met onze videoclip op Creative Life! 




Presentatie voor Regia garen bij H&H in Keulen met Arne & Carlos en Vogue Knitting



Online seminar sloffen breien

Op woensdag 8 november gaven we  een gratis online les fluffy slofffen breien in samenwerking met Zeeman.  

Heb je het gemist? No worries, je kan het hierterugkijken.

Linda festival 
Kofferbaksale op zaterdag 10 juni

Libelle Zomerweek
Met Zeeman op de Libelle Zomerweek van 15 mei t/m 21 mei

Zeeman brei- en haakboekpresentatie Utrecht en Antwerpen

Knit & Knot & Creative Life

Kerstbreien bij Snor in de Snorfabriek



Workshops en expositie bij Willet Holthuysen museum

Etalage en workshop bij Frozen Fountain

Expositie bij ELLE Decoration live 
Op 12 en 13 nov in de Posthoornkerk

Boekpresentatie Club Geluk & de fantastische truien 
Op 3 nov bij Uitgeverij Nieuw Amsterdam in besloten kring

Kreadoe 2016
Op woensdag 2 november staan wij bij de stand van Brouwer met onze boeken en breisels

Boekpresentatie bij Wolplein op zaterdag 29 oktober

De gebreide zoon in het Fries Museum

De gebreide zoon en meer breiels in het Huizer Museum


Wol of fame - en meer Rich & Famous in en rond onze breisels


Wol of fame - en meer Rich & Famous in our knits

 Miljuschka Witzenhausen

Jetske van Elsen


Henk Mouwe en Manuela Kemp


Bij omroep Max. Met Mike Boddé net niet in onze trui, maar getting close.


Dieuwertje Blok

Loretta Schrijver

Knitted Jimmy Carr

We have knitted Jimmy Carr for his show 8 out of 10 cats does Countdown. Look at his knitted transformation: